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International Relations

Internationally , the Association is a charter member of Education International (EI) with its headquarters in Brussels, which is the main International Trade Secretariat (ITS) for most teachers’ organizations in the world.

GNAT is one of the first founding affiliates of (EI) in Africa and the General Secretary of GNAT is one of the global Vice Presidents of (EI) and also President of the Africa Region Advisory Committee -EIRAC. The EI Africa Region Secretariat is at the moment, in Lome, Togo but would relocate and start operating from new offices in Accra, Ghana by March, 2009 and the Chief Co-ordinator of the Africa Region office is Madame Assibi Napoe.

Furthermore, GNAT co-operates with many national teachers organizations in Africa and other parts of the world. It is affiliated to the All Africa Teachers Organization (AATO), has working relations with with the Canadian Teachers Federation(CTF), the Danish Teachers Union, Lararforbundet i.e. the Swedish Teachers Union, Danish Union of Teachers for Early Childhood Education(BUPL) among others.

A list of some of our international partners